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oil and liquid vaseline, and related several cases in which
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that dropsy occurred in a short time after the children were suspected of
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stinted in food, badly clothed, their health impaired from want
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necessary things in a rest cure are isolation, test, forced
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"Section 4403: Any person shall be regarded as practicing
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the question of the policy of exempting charitable institutions
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nitrogenous substances, such as uric acid, creatin, creatinin, and
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The treatment is surgical, consisting in free incision and drainage.
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bleeding; (3) precaution against injury to the hollow viscera.
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by its provisions. Strictly, this is true. However,
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tain to the lives of physicians. The figures he gives have ^ . . ^ „ . ^^
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condition would not have tolerated the effort required.
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even months. Dr. Roget mentions a case in which this
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to make the injection is on a surgical chair or table, with
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tempt was now made to reduce the deformity by taking the foot in the right hand and
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dividing line to mark the transition from normal to defective color
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Adjusted benefits for disabilities occurring after age 60.
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The gall-bladder was distended with healthy looking bile, the gall-ducts
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condition, somewhat protracted. In this case lacto-somatose constituted the sole diet
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abscesses themselves the standard works by men of repute are is
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sation more marked, and now gives the impression of being as
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chouc, or the flannel roller bandage. Friction and percussion, and the
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Pure air and sunlight are the best remedies for thoracic
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tion. In rare cases the only thrombi discovered at the autopsy are found
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has not discovered the usual taint here we must look for otlier reasons. But
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soldier, and that in Africa, twenty years ago, he contracted
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Report of the Treasurer from Dec. 28, 1908, to Sept. 23, 1909.
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day, properly studied and followed up, may bring some
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cess of evolution. These remains of an arrested disease
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ruary, 22, 1922, the patient reported feeling perfectly well, and on
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iodid and mercury by mouth. For a year previous to entrance he had been
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I have duly received your letter of May 6 re quarantine station in
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Danielson, Martha Rushton, a, w, sp, Litchfield, Minn. B.A. (U. of Pennsylvania) '25.
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