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parents. At birth, a tumor, about the size and shape of a small orange,

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show a very rapid growth, and sometimes attain a tremendous size.

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but characterised in its full development by the presence of pale-coloured

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amination of nine cases, failed to discover loss of sen-

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lent peritonitis following appendicitis in which he used 12

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large quantity of sero-purulent fluid ; the intestines, omentum,

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receptive brain, and if a brain is non-receptive, while you are

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pathologic accumulations of this iodin-staining substance the destruction of the

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Lacaze reports (Za France M^dicale, December, 1879) a case of abscess of

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Gas, ignition of by lightning, 471 ; supply of, 564

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tissue and continued growth, we have a duct cancer as the result. The

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treatment of pneumonia. We are told that, in this par-

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Persistent cough is sometimes a perplexing and exasperating symp-

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covered with flannel caps to prevent too rapid cooling and

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entire coats are in some cases gangrenous ; they have a dark or