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The colored population in this town was very small, as shown in
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thymus gland. In my work we not infrequently have difficulty in de-
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times in large quantity. Hence the success of a paracentesis is no Avarrant
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made upon persons labouring under disease. We think it
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H. C. Alexander III, MD; Raymond S. Brown, MD; Henry S. Campell, MD;
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The recent action of Rush Medical College in conferring the medical
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like it may stem the tide, and cause the subsidence of all
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philosophy, science, government, invention — in all that pertains
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injected. A current of 1 to 3 milliamperes is passed for ten
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of hydrogen ; and this fact, added to the demand which carbon has
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considered a body politic so far as to sue and be sued, plead and be
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nitrate of bismuth. Very small doses {^ — \ gr.) of morphia usually
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Argentine Republic. The hydatid develops in the frontal sinuses, between
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and Colon ; the Treatment of Obstinate Constipation Based
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The preceding observations not only illustrate the method of treatment and the gen-
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The seed of Physostigma venenosum. Balfour (nat. ord.
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their toxins, is well recognized and in the disturbances of the thyroid
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regular organized growth caused by the extravasation of
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Lastly, it appears that some of these symptoms already
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reflex contractions of the gallbladder and the ducts in
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into the stomach by acts of vomiting and ejected from the mouth. They
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followed by expectoration of tough light-coloured sputa. ( Wfd.)
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for revenue-generating or other commercial purposes.
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the upper pole of the kidney and crowd it still further
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muscular tissue in the thickened surroundings. By searching for some
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ber(J. H.) Basin-clamp. No. 483804 ; Oct. 4, 1802. .
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recognizes this danger and l>elicvos that bad eat-
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We will content ourselves with this brief description of the kid-
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London surgeon, has obtained striking results. While the