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Bayley, Guy Carleton, Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co. Original.
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than gonorrhea, such as abortion, puerperal fever, etc., the adhesions
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tion of the lost tone and motor activity to the gastric and
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in his abdomen when he moved. He considered that he
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general principles, just as a good lawyer can apply a principle to a case whose
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conditions, local or general, so that the nature of the tissues is so changed
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pronounced them to be small spindle cell sarcomata.
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ceased, without the child having awaked or expectorated. On
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bility of his children falling in the social scale, whilst no such
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ceded by a layer of cotton and muslin bandage, and the
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irregularity occurs in the varying lengths of the diastoles.
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the upper end of the anal canal. On Harris (Liverpool jMedico-Chirurgical
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when removed, the skin is found covered by a number of small vesicles ; these
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should be consulted. Prophylaxis against nephritis should be
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health, and Dr. VV^. did not expect to hear anything more of the ab-
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local infiltration and redness from the eighth to the twelfth days, and
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newly formed growth in the peritoneal or pleural cavities may be
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where the malaria is most concentrated and the malarial fevers most
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urer that it would be agreeable to them to have him partici-
The integument is fissured in an irregular manner, the cracks
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