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Dewitt Stetten and Se:/mour Perry have asked the Hematology Service to

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ical Jurisprudence in Mason College. The result was that the whole body

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Cash II. — Geo. M. — Age 32; American; married; family history excellent; has

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plicated forms of apparatus, as the respiratory organs and accompanying respiratory mnsdes.

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Jan. 14th, and 82 deaths occurred on Jan. 21st. These amounts

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tuberculin treatment those cases of phthisis in which the

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over the horizontal ramus of the pubes. The internal

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tack of vertigo, incoherence, or rambling ; sometimes a rigor. The disease

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neA'ertheless impossible to reserve for them any such name as "lymph-

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ers. The essentials of his findings are as follows : (i) The

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opinion is based upon “subjective symptoms” and

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the tail and hind-legs observed, and death occurred in about one

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sists of loose cancellous tissue covered by a thin, compact lamina, and

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method with Sir Astley Cooper, who performed it three times without

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have used two other methods, the first of which we have alread\

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cavities, were present in the lungs. On section, the increase

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not be blown for ten or twenty minutes. When the gen-

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The symptoms are here remarkably well detailed, and the case alto-

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sion of the stenosis being a malignant one, the inutility of

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