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The discharge may run so fast that there will be a pint of pus in
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contents present a total acidity of 58, free hydrochloric acid, 38 per cent.
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in a different sense, it refers to broad homogeneous casts of a yellowish hue,
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Diagnosis. — Where no etiologic hint can be obtained the diagncisi^ i>
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passed a few inches below the affected parts, when the oesophagus will
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Byron Osborne, MD, Kenneth Collins, MD, Frederick Klein, MD,
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that the visitation of examinations should be carried out by
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the answer is that New York, owing to its crowded popu-
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have already alluded, served for a time to weaken him, but
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stimulation, in proportion to the deficiency of tone thus indicated.
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fections both of the mammary gland and the infant's mouth, it is
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apices to four dehcate sterigmata, each of which bears a spore.
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oughly separated and the finger must act as a guide for
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day (tlie last day of November), as usual, when Lord Lister
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below the tubercle by means of the chain-saw, its carpal end disartic-
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Scraping in the throat, dry cough, husky, raw voice ; feeling
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liamson to sit for his bust, not on account of getting
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out the country is however very questionable. In India the training
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from which the poison is to be elaborated, and the infer-
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ber of cases of this disease in the Massachusetts Gen-
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mortem the right lung was in a state of gangrene. This
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lung. They become vascular and form white fibrous tissue,
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told that my operation was unjustifiable. Successful,
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pomts out that in cases of movable spleen with marked
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and squeezing, and the jjlacenta finally came away, but
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there are a few scattered freely in the debris. Many of the attached
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may therefore readily cause recrudescences of fever, if not true relapses.
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brum and cerebellum." In all the cases the encephalic veins were turgid with blood.
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north winds into the sea, there to perish, or that seasons of great pesti-
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as reflex. He slowly recovered, after the lapse of several months.
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clump of fioccules plainly visibl to the naked eye at the end of 18 hours.