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teaching in Glasgow dates from the establishment of the
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with the margins very blue. The tip of the nose changes in color; within a few
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several days, not ceasing until the fatal termination, an improvement in
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ity is often very great, and dej^ends to a great degree on
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of eleven inoculations with the blood of rabid subjects. The blood in
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The chapter terminates with some truly admirable observations
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only into Cystic worms in the liver, brain, or other organs, is probably
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initial lesion one of the posterior roots or of the ganglia '? It might
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to give hrniness and stren<ith to the limbs; the muscles are soft, and have by
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less marked and permanent, thinning of the wall, ulceration,
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The author dedicates bis work to the alumni of the University of
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gen formed without taking into consideration the question of dry
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that our ciliary muscle is under our control ; in order to avoid this difficulty,
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charged by the court on the recommendation of Assistant
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series of galactose tautomerids. These hexoses were not obtainable.
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Treatment. — In order more plainly to elucidate our therapeia, the
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bodies an opinion held for a long time by practitioners in malarious sec-
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Comique, who rendered " Les Saisons,"l3y Masse. Mme.
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upon the extent of the hypertrophy ; frequently they con-
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poor and has never made over ten thousand a year. He has gone
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approved as printed in the December 1988 issue of the Journal
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attacked was 21, .520, and the deaths amounted to 10,97.5, or
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child under six months, and from three to five, or more, when above that age. The
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zation badly; all lost weight, and several died. Nevertheless, as will be seen,
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"And it was believed for several days that he conld not sup-
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tending thi'ough both tables. Feeling with my finger some detached pieces of
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Simple angiomata form violet or red, more or less elevated, patches, the
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(largely on account of the auto-intoxication which they produce),
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a setting back of the tendon as to alter the position of the
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has been somewhat neglected, llie ouly monograph of
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The hydrochloride of euchinin is freely soluble in water, but,
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half, making delivery possible without mutilation of the fetus.
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[Medical journal for November 3rd, 1894. The patient, aged eighty-one,
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