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Taken with the preceding — Case 10 — ^we note also the
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the reasoning powers of man, has enabled him to supply every want,
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Sometimes the tumor is solid throughout ; in which case the
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noted in two of our cases, the printer and the cutter, where each
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the elementary composition of which is altogether different. In
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of Edinburgh as a Thesis, and, since that time, it has been
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the symptoms in general denote greater gravity of disease. The affection
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It is necessary to state that in no case was suspension the
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lactic management of disease, even dependent upon that
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cancer at laparoscopy, 23 had previously normal results on a
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meaning apparently the last letter of the Greek alphabet,
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digitalis, and from a quarter to three-quarters of a grain of opium, every four
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death, — in the absence of suffering: diu-ina: life,
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with the milk supplied for domestic use. This important dis-
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mediately or after an interval of time the sense of
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served, refer only to the periods of the existence of
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American Pike's Peak Expedition in 1911 made a careful study of the
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cially irresponsible ; the feeblemiyided, constituting the
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portance, yet, in actual experience, we often do not find them
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Rev., Lond., 1885, iv, 39-42. — Tay (W.) &. 'jLawford
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ed. We now nourished our patients in the liest pctssi-
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Dr. Snow, of London, believes that cholera is exclusively an affection of the
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his work in the Montreal General Hospital during the past
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are basic or apex murmurs, which disappear when the attack is over. The
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of alcohol are used, temporarily but often only very slightly
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in conjunction with Mr. Newport, verified the preceding statement ; they found that lateral
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ture was 101° F. On examination he found the abdo-
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greatly ob>cured the situation ; and it is now pretty
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the original ovum-cell, or the appropriation and incor-
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of biological science that so far no satisfactory explanation of the phe-
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Belgians the bravest of all Gauls; yet, though their
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the coronary arteries, has a very different character. In the first place,
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thritis and 2 presenting also posterior urethritis. Only 4 were
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culture. It became a law on March 2, 1895, under the title of "An