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A. Hare had a few hours' unpleasant experience dur-
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disulfiram reaction that occurs with metronidazole and alcohol
could not be taken in any dose, however small. Nor was that
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sides, it was much less permanent than the ])igmen-
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28. Peninsular and Independent Medical Journal, Detroit, Michigan.
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resident in workhouses has augmented equally (see Table I).
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further, that the development of these affections is favored by exhaustion and
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throat, which was preceded by a chill ; violent fever followed, and an
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bursse found consisted : i , Of a large multilocular cavity
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the stomach, the duodenum, the upper coils of the jejunum,
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liver began to diminish in size very rapidly, and finally was reduced to
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stomach, under the diaphragm, between the aorta and the left
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need of a description of those convolutions, or, in other words, of
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is simply sprinkled over the napkins before they are used. In
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hair after death is a manifest impossibility, unless
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rhage bile-pigment began to appear. He had not seen any reference to this in
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tioned, multiple tumors in the capsule of the kidneys and in the vessels.
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uncompromising anger and bitterness by the not many, who, as is so
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lisp. Ilis taste is impaired, but still enables him
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bosis or embolism of the vessels ; with cerebral haemorrhage ; with
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advance was made in the obstetric art. To the knowledge of
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air-bubbles attached to it; others describe a rudimentary "float"
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gaseous form itself in the vessels. Chloroform increases the quantity of the