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2" or 3°, Fahr. The lesions found after death were chiefly intense con-

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emphysema, and that the anterior portions of the chest, in some cases,

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The counter-stain with the Lichtgriin-picric mixture was

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batch 8, in the following week, a fresh clean rat. Xo. 452, was appointed

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barberry. The filaments possess a remarkable degree

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depressed, and the features presented an expression of great distress. A

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sive amount of bodily fat; it assumes clinical importance v^hen the fat

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that there is any evidence to support the contention sometimes made

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member of the Committee, then read a paper on Psoas or

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fell, with its principal force, faid that his legs felt as

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the lesson is one that even Odysseus had to learn. So also menos as a

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f Hennig, " Berliner klinische Wochenschrift," 1888, No. 28.

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failure, cirrhosis of the liver, the nephrotic syndrome;

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Carbon Spectra Similar to Sunlight. — For the produc-

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The spots are circular or oval with well-defined borders. They gradually

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ture falling to 95° in the rectum), after a very thorough

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readily obtained by the method of Dupuytren. An assistant draws

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opened and drainage effected. I can understand why one of

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reconstructive treatment for a few weeks or a month prior

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who is regarded as a particularly strong-minded person may be

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collapse, in consequence of the scanty circulation of blood

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in such pallor, nausea, vomiting and the condition of marked debility

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was spread to an extraordinary extent by protective inocula-

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cities located in malarious districts furnish examples of this mode of

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the character of the disease, but there is still very

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appendectomy that it would be well to inspect the rest