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terior column degeneration is due to an inflammatory process of the

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He absolutely cannot back, but will hang the body back, throwing

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right side of the body : and the above figures tend

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advanced ground in the matter of medical education, and, hence-

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Telepathology . — Telepathology is most effective when

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Further, the moisture in the air is of importance, as the

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peritonitis. Perforation of the caecum may take place in this disease, lead-

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one or more substances having special mordant or de-

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with the spleen and diaphragm, had partly dissolved the adja-

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talents and abilities, and in an art of science too,

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ease, as I find they are apt to cause functional disturbance ; still there

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dent's Address, by Dr. E. J. Preston ; An Address to the Pub-

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3 of which were primipara 1 ; making a total of ti'J delivered in the month,

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than a quarter of an inch, and the sardonic expression vras

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by venereal disease, two by colliquative diarrhsea, three by

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plication of cold water to new-born infants. If the chil-

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stomach there were several superficial ruptures. There was commencing

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do not readily understand how delirium can be "neuralgicf hut if

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transformation of these into cavities and wide canals. In the superficial

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disappeared. The patient presented no signs of diabetes, albuminuria,

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obscure, and several attacks of wandering or so-called

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square mile, and accommodating- 18,000 bathers at one

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The appetite fails, and pallor of the surface is marked. These symptoms

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tion: In occipito-sacral position the forceps, applied

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(i.) widespread or disseminated ; or (ii.) localised in a small segment of the

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useful to relieve the pain or relax the spasm of the duct, but mor-

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protein of a standard diet is of no real service to the organism,

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as any of the meaning of the aphorism would be that a

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the bones were not yet fully ossified, the spleen had been