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The viscera we can rarely have for examination during their earliest diseased
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the patients first, before the beginning of rumination, had
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the three cited court cases it was an intended purpose of the associ-
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spread by the formation of new lesions at the periphery; or new
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given a proper verdict by finding for the plaintiff's legitimacy. The jury were
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presumed that the rectum has been explored prior to opera-
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Candy, Common Twist. — Boil 3 lbs. of common sugar
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Stricture of tlie bowel, taken as a whole, is twice as common
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external manifestation " in the way of discharge, and, according to
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bad sanitation generally will promote the disorder. Improper
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mation ; unless, indeed, the shape of the jomt has been
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registration area in the United States, which may be partially due
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in order to support the toe where the most weight falls.
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where we have a lung breaking down, ns recoveri than die , of this malady,
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are shown, and many carefully prepared and interesting papers are read.
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her appetite had become all she could wish. The menstrual
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nized by the minute, hard, red elevations of the skin which
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Recamier places over the spot where the tumor points,
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feels verv much hurt if the physician at the same time
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Certificates from the most respectable sources can be
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to the extent of the tissues involved, and may obviate
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the active ingredient. It is probable that the preparation first
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felt by both student and practitioner of a volume which at a moderate price and in a convenient
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The Theory and Practice of Medicine. By Frederick T.
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Lastly, so-called scrofulous affections are usually due to
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p. K- cinnamon p. X- m- black cassia p. X-iv. Cicilian saffron p. X- 'v. =.
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during an epidemic, cases with suspicious onset fol-
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four weeks after the suspicious connection (and more
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constant fluctuation and change, and in the " Sympos-
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British Medical Journal, writing about this case says : " It
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globe. It is, in the view of the orthodox physician, the only relia-
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given to the student before he enters the medical school. Here