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trated by a fact easily shown by the sphygmograph. If even a single
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about 3^o^h of an inch in diameter; but it exists, at the same time, in the
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These parts have a greater density than the healthy tissue, and, as
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but in some cases orthopncea and a feeling of constriction or pain in the
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case it is necessary to pack an abdominal wound, however,
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as ova were discovered in the stool, treatment was instituted. A
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Physician’s kit for the new VHSL physical exam 362
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multiplication of the muscular fibres and primitive fasciculi of which its
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part is utterly valueless, certainly for all the purposes of
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of valvular disease was made at that time. Notwithstanding
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ham M. Soc., Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1888-9, 63-67. —
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hurriedly he gets choked. Examination shows palatine
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connexion with them. In accordance with this decision of
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kidneys, tuberculosis, gout, chronic anaemia, and suppressed discharges ot
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are found the injections should be continued. In the fulmin-
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served as a Medical Examiner for Hartford County. He
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was peculiarly susceptible to their influence. (I once knew a lady
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caseinogen is held in solution by the calcium phosphate. It is not
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a small nodule situated in the cuneus of the same hemi-
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Figure 6-2: Kinematic model of the apparatus in solving the translational and
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glands and to atrophy of all other endocrine structures. The
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siderable annoyance to the patient, who tries to keep the muscles still.
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glycerin tuberculin and to the watery extract. Tlie appar-
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Passing this important question by with these few hints,
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No. 9002. — ^Mr. Simon Q., an iron-worker, 40 years of age,
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pathogenic properties for a more or less lengthy period, and then, mingling
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liquid, or the size of the vessel from which it is poured will, in
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the tumor, but little gas escaped, and after some manipulation
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hydrates, aU of which are, strictly speaking, insoluble
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bougie, she was fed for several days and soon the in-
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Tuke's work already cited. I (\xoit verbatim : "Peter
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taining in its interior a colourless transparent viscid fluid. On the eighth
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treatment than the healthy peritoneum is sometimes found to be.
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portable respiration apparatus. In hyperthyroidism there is an increase up to
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respiration was wholly diaphragmatic, but its rate was ap-
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fruits, as well as small amounts of carbohydrates and fats, may be alloi
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"plaster-mulls," under which many nodules, which apparently would