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keeping the temperature below loi® F., in thirty-seven

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aDce of the strictest antiseptic precautions, and in the

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sharp, severe pain in the left inguinal region, without

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and fast line to separate nervousness, hypochondriasis,

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which she was permitted to be up and about, but cau-

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Technique of operation.--Make a crucial incision over the

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the importance of an increased transudation as the chief element in the

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if the pupil is small and rigid and the cataract immature, or

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Cystic softening of the center and hemorrhage within the tumor are

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quantity equal to that in health. Albumen is usually present in small amount.

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the United. States Dispensatory of Wood and Bache. In 1847 the

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has been invaded and the head of the metacarpal bone is enlarged.

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the object of giving more room for the lower wisdom tooth, which

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also true that the extension of this aid to village and city

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examined the uterus per vaginam ; but could discover nothing

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of the spine before the wound has had time to heal(Z6«c?, No. 188);

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no return of the chorea, and she was delivered with no further

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however, that the stone was in the ureter below the field

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his clothes, lies on a couch with the head overhanging, or sits in a chair

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emptying as may be desired. In the line of the main sewer,

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vented; and that extension, sufficient to overcome the muscular contraction,

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record such experiments and anatomical facts, as were directly related to the question

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second compartment (reticulum) was soon filled, and the water

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ination showed the os widely dilated, with vertex presenting in second

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more severely than any other section of the population.^

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with double consciousness. Med. News, Phila., 1891,

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eombustion, which has recently occurred in this city. The facts have

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rianus Sacc. Centralbl. f. Bacteriol. ii. Parasitenk., Jena,

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blue pills, calomel, &c, &c. Three neighboring doctors had done

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action of naphthol in intestinal antisepsis. M. Dreyfous

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which to hypertrophy of the brain have still to be determined, is-

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tion of pure cholera cultures transferred from the surface and the water of conden-

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lessens the irritability of the bronchial tubes, and thus frequently relieves

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ders them very soft ; after washing they are stored for use

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(for example, 20 to SO. with a temperature of 99° F.), the ratio in

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or of careless exposure to cold or of needless overexertion, the acute inflam-

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The words of the law are: "... for a fee prescribe,