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time to time, the disease completely disappeared after these

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The tj''pe of sore that occurs on the skin of the shaft of the

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prior attacks ; such distal accumulations are at first cystic, later infected,

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The girl entered this institution in May, 1900. She

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this property caution should be observed to remove bichlorid solutions

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for Medical Improvement twoehildrcn en whr ni hehad

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His personal experience is quite extensive with steril-

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nine feet three and seven-tenths inches high, and the shortest

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year of the child's life, is to be ascribed to the manner in which the

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dropsy is present or not. If dropsy be present, the urine is usually scanty

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the body. The fever resulting fix)m the deprivation of water, and from

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or pie for lunch, whilst the breakfast, hurriedly eaten, was only

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crease of 600 from tlie reported mortality of July. The

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ness of the infiltrated soft tissues to the bone, and

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present, it is an indication to avoid any operative shock

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drugs were examined in this manner and none of them materially

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quantity of the poison injected to the size of the animal The

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the hazards of shallow water diving. But there is also a

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dial infarction in dogs, dicumarol did not increase

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female child, about eighteen days old. She looked very poorly fed, was thin

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The statements made in respect to the southerly winds apply to the north-

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the disease began ; and the report is that 13,039 persons

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from true lymphoma maiidy in lacking the fine reticulated

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The skin on the groin and inner half of both thighs became

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and form usually became evident in from five to ten minutes after the

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perfectly true by Doctor Prudjean 62 and other eminent Doctors and

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was elected as President, and a committee of management

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the patient on pretext of examining the larynx to give

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of Worcester, I was carried by Colonel Duckinfield's order to a

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cal Center, for the photographs used in this article.

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not the anatomical structure, and not the clinical feat-

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of the vessel the passengers and crew were not sub-

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was distinctly conical, the end of the bone pressing against

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13tt. — Has had two or three slight shiverings, but feels warm ; no purging

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ease in this vulnerable group usually does not make

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in the situation of the lesion in the two cases. In aphasia, one of the

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