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a few days, from the secondary inflammation of the cord. The palsy
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develop from the interior of the male. They separate, propel themselves inde-
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The sheath of the femoral vessels is next opened along the inner border of the
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The urine sample should be perfectly fresh and not long exposed to light.
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a portion of the scapula, and that th«! |)us. instead of
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in its ordinary form ; and, as will be observed, they are mainly those of
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The medicine was given in three cases of spasm and in one of epilepsy with
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creas, gall-bladder, and posterior wall of the abdomen, have been ob-
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not true of our American soldiers. Upon inquiry among line officers in
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our most sanguine hopes, for not only were all prepara-
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bringing his operation before the notice of the profession of this countr>\
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whenever the constitution is vigorous, and the physician is
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are in the main those which attend congestion and cedema, namely,
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drunkenness, and not at all a lover of the truth. Consequently, a great deal of doubt
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ject to cancer or syphilis,' and is perhaps more subject
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Up to this point the history of the disease remarkably resembles
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respiration was wholly diaphragmatic, but its rate was ap-
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with digitalis and the results were known: the result was satis-
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Cuniston (C. G.) Note on the bromide of ethyl. Bos-
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chest, as if from excoriation ; alternate heats and chills: general aching
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immune to infection, it is probable that no other intermediate host
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as levuretin. It may be given in coffee-spoon doses in milk or
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commands a breathless silence. He seems about to make a long and
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inpatients, outpatients, and family members in its history. This
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H'-ilk. Bt-rl. 1S28, Ixvii. p. 54. 19. ROGER. Arch. g'en. de med. 1866 and 1867.
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exudation of plastic organ izable matter, causing obstruction and perhaps
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Masse, and several other medical men in Paris, have found them successful in
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eight weeks; gain, four ounces. Has had in the mean time a
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the pure and more nutritious food be swallowed, the
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sion at first that they drink at all. . They show for the
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