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1679 and continued, in 1680, under the title of "Le Temple

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tions of phthisis and pneumonia, to which many diabetic

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about the plain till they die worn out with fatigue, fright, and

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two or three days, and keep the liver acting and bowels

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than the causes of death ? Combustion may be caused by the commu-

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volume, there can be no doubt about its substantial value. It is one

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early age of seven years. Her tonsils had been removed in 1912

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substance was indol or some derivation of indol. V. Morsacsewski

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diathesis may be the result of profound anaemia. Atrophy of different organs

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tinally succeeded, but could not stand without reeling.

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Uses. — The indications for the administration of ammo-

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duty would not suffer us to leave unnoticed, to a considera-

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tion has been so far relieved that while, when the treatment

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given said state in its settlements with the United States on

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Jehle has shown that such patients, usually adolescents, have a marked lordosis,

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strains encountered in 1919, and with another found in an infected

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Code, providing that "no milk shall be received, held, kept,

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growth, but for physical growth, as well as for relief from the fatigue

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a bed, and Mrs. J. Heyl, in memory of her mother, donated $7,000 for a sim-

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Through its Committee, the Society, like a kind and solicitous parent,

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lamented by the students of medicine, whose kindly teacher and

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existing duodenitis or gastro-duodenitis. Anorexia, nausea, and sometimes

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mistake in its diagnosis. The general systemic symp-

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bo in- developed ; the whole remaining exudation Is transformed

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The duration of these symptoms before the fit sets in,

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intensity; the presence of murmur in the larger arteries, such as the

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my opinion that the appendix was the cause of the trouble, and ad-

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months and sixteen days elapsed without an evacuation from the bowels.'

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time with the liigliest temperature, but appears from one to two

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The soft parts, as well as the bones, being too much

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something or other suggests an interrogation of the urine, which