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the active stage of the acute form of this disease has passed
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the objection that Scotland was a poor country, why that was
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intervention is at times indicated, and consists in the excision
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buted the prizes to the students at St. Mary's Hospital
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member of great promise. Society has lost a useful and conscientious
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an endothelioma, growing from the pia mater, 2x1^ inches
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the greatest number of muscles, agitates the general frame, and compels
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complete recoveries out of seven cases. Dr.*. John H.
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Abscess of the Kidney. — This may result from primary renal causes
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was lifted on to the operating table without returning to consciousness.
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Busby. Julian G, Spencer, Univ. of Md., 1904 1904 1905
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the same — and chiefly, mental emotion and gastric irritation. The difference
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accustomed to lumbar punctures and was quite restless, which may
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ing in proctology, or whose interest lies in the field of
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ordinary income of £51,866 shows an increase of £4,024, in-
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operate to reduce the casualty rates of a corps as a whole far below
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not possible to preserve the life of the patient for longer than
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similar at all ages. His object is to indicate the special incidence
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the first time. If, however, the urine is bloody and thick, remove all
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blood — the lungs were loaded with it. The stomach
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ally wearing, gave way, and it fell, as the man expressed it, " into his
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is often established. The more acute infections give rise to suppuration
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best of all duties, the conservation of human life. These hospitals are