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The diagnosis was pulmonary tuberculosis, and on the skin, tuberculids.

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These conditions, too, are ordinarily dismissed with a slight

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AND PHARMACY, delivered in the University of Pennsylvania. Second and revised edi-

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heart and wearing it out sooner by alcoholic stimu-

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the limb is laid upon the partially -inflated cushion, which has

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Permit me then, to offer, in concluding this note; the abstract of a re-

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puncture and the use of Southey's trocar and tube. There was partial

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also found in bodies which have fallen or been thrown into the water

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nation of ulcers excised from the anterior wall of the duodenum

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ing, bicycling, and taking long nights of sleep; she was

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sist of oil and potash ; and as they do not separate from the

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myself were constrained to give the opinion that the case was one

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ble, because the malady is BO dreadful. Even if the patient

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quently becomes the primary cause that leads to many systemic

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Dr. Leinbach's motion seconded and unanimously carried.

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abarticular troubles of a rheumatic nature, although he has never had

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-Mayo, W. J.: The Surgery of the Pancreas, Ann. Surg., 1913, Iviii, 145-150 .

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haemorrhage is more likely to follow, and the sewing is more

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directly upon obtaining the history and noting the purpura.

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tion is considerable, and the after-result is not satisfac-

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With this forceps we pull directly in the axis of the

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prepared as above, and tbe animal be poisoned by woorara, the poles of a galvanic battery

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If physiology and medicine arc ever to attain the rank of exact

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Magruder, G. M., Assistant Surgeon. To proceed to Baltimore,