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pulse 126, respirations 36. The diagnosis of posttyphoid laryn-

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somewhat protruded ; mobility of globe unimpaired ; ocular conjunctiva

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contains one eighth part of the iodide of potassium, is not active

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was of such a character as to require vigorous mastication before

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peculiar procc-s by which it is prepared it i, deprived of all constituents which render the line;

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August 17, 1896. On admission we got the following history : He had suffered a

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and intense headache. The inappropriate and misleading designation,

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or no effect upon the affected parts. But there are other and far more obnoxious

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of Heidelberg, of which he is pro-rector. He is one of the most

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Operative measures. These include incision and drainage with or without

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not uncommon ; nor is hysterical paraplegia or coma rare. Ee-

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The fact that in this group, apparently selected on

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not less one of low ideals than of low standards. Indeed, where

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axiom which Graves bequeathed as his epitaph — " He Fed Fevers."

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Plempius,^ Wills, • Ghirac, Bohn,' Duverney, Vieussens,' Schrader, Valsalva, Morgagni,

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much swollen, shining, and elastic, and very tender to the touch.

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the course of many years is prone to become almost general.

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well what remedial measures can be adopted. For every reason,

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Power Co. that St. Mary’s Hospital opened its burn

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nity. At the London and Glasgow Fever Hospitals all the nurses who are

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with the raspberry juice ; drop them into a pan of boiling lard

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make that many of them are used with very little knowledge on

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These balls of coagulable albuminoid substance are formed of mucin

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its contiguit}' to the posterior longitudinal bundle, the associa-

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bottle of the pills and the makers very kindly explained the

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The Treatment consists largely in careful dieting, where

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sites in his blood should be under the care of a physician and should

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of the cough, Looseness of the bowels, severe griping pains in the abdomen,

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We can scarcely forbear a quiet, ironical smile, when reading

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^ ■ , ganate, a substance which, bv reason or its

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homicidal mania. He fled to France after the perpetration of the crime,

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ment in these cases is that of hysteria in general.

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accompaniments, but a satisfactory explanation of the condition is not

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24-hour blood pressure control. Convenient and well

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plications, the disease being cut short before heart

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known also as the re^m, a strong and large animal of

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146 Harmer and Finzi : Sarcoma dc, treated by Radium

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not really acknowledged as a service at all by Medicare,

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possible that the bronchopneumonia might be the cause.

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a suppuration of the superficial glands. Dr. N. had