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physicians want to conceal the taste of some particularly

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nurse the sick, and the dead remained unburied for days, as

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return and keep well does not contravene the correctness of this position.

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in the gluteal region, and sent him into hospital. On his admission. Prof.

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L. ziemanni (Laveran, 1903) ( — Hcemamoeba ziemanni), Fig.

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following conclusion : " That the cause of this increased

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sorbed by the skin. After being rubbed by lanoline, the

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At the recent Dental Examinations twenty-one candidates passed

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The Peyerian glands are not again formed, nor are tlie

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with all the evidence pointing toward esophageal stricture the esophagu-

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complaint, based on the results obtained from an analysis of the stomadi-

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she said " X," and the letter " O" said " ata." At one time she was

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to exist should be subjected to a period of quarantine of six months.

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distensibility and extensibility of the organ vrith all its

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the cornea, and in the centre of it there was an incipient

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the child dies on the following day. It must set one to think-

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as they contain the powers or faculties through which the

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less the presence of scarlatina or the persistence of an .

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certain part of the lymphatic system it has long ago been proved'

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conditions do not protect a person from insular sclerosis.

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Albinism. — Albinism belongs to a class of cases resulting from the

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familiar to those much conversant with disease and with morbid

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bility of the stomach to empty itself completely throu^ the natural

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general a typhoid fever with a high temperature-curve is more severe

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1 cm. on changing from one side to the other. The neck vessels were

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of December, expressing herself as being well in every respect, having been sitting

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p. 293. 17. SHAW. Archives of Medicine, February 1882. 18. STARR. "Sensory

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will much prolong it, and prolong it in comfort, by arresting the course of

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of almost absolutely painless dilatation of the os.

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Percivall says that catarrh is much oftener the result of

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Patients must be able to give informed consent and agree to a four week hospital stay.

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of hysteria are more apt to occur on the left side.

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112. Mr. A. B., a3t. 50, Feb. 20, '99. Variety, spasmodic

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undoing the strapping. The bichloride of methylene is the

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be reported to the Board of Health ; fewer children

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