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serum was that there were so many different kinds of
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were corrected, and today the patient is better in health than
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Upper Extremides. V. — Wm. Boone, Co. G, 55th Penn., had re-
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To recapitulate : — When you find a patient in fever lying constantly
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About the simplest and lowest-priced instruments furnished for
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and consistent high level of performance. Please join us in congratulating these
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2. Swine urticaria is said to be a mild form of erysipelas, the
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An excellent temporary remedy for sweating armpits- — sometimes a
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There is no tuberosity present, nor does this bone articu-
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On the 10th, patient was taken from the Hospital some
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237. II' the concentric masses are broken down, the Individual epithelial
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It is a difficult manoeuvre to perform, and may cause the
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than fluid removed. Moreover, if a case is doing badly, large amounts, up to
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5 Hess, Arch. f. klin. Med., vol. cxiv, Nos. 3 and 4, p. 404.
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mother of want and the nurse of crime." These are brave and
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squamous cell carcinoma, although melanomatous and sar-
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of the possible association of insect carriers with the disease. The actual data
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ment^ the separation of adhesions^ the straightening out of any kinks
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to note that the Board is also earnestly considering
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maintenance of life and the making of new cell structures for
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