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Aitken's testimony to the same effect is very striking:

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fol. 172 a. Ic pone halijan heoponpicef peapb* eop8an ic bibbe

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b. It is extremely rapid in its termination, in its epidemic form, as will be seen below, and

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She should have some executive ability. Age, 25 to 3'i :

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tibia had its cartilages of incrustation removed, which was re-

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found to be softened, the liver and spleen flabby, and the arteries

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of the patient, as regards the habitual use of alcoholic drinks, are of course to

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stances. But after casting our eyes about us, to ascertain

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Morbid anatomy. — Splenic embolism is most frequently a consequence

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ITlercie (.1.) Nouveau traitement des r6tr^cissements de

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tended more with the physical manifestations of transudation, than of

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bles the fats in many respects, since it is destitute of nitrogen, readily inflam-

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DBoally commence at the apex, and may be limited to that part. They

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gastric abscess usually of the form known as subphrenic.

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Various astringents have been employed, such as tannic acid and gallic

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not possible to preserve the life of the patient for longer than

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through the vagina. If this operation were, or might be in the future,

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medicines, and in two weeks V. O. D. was - - with sph.

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had any bad results from it. I used it on myself recently on an infected hand,

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from this class of ailment are not unfrequently sent into Hos-

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the cause of death : a medical witness could only form a probable conjecture

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with reference to treatment. By means of daily explorations, the physician

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are now gladly endeavouring to adopt them: nay, a commis-

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shoulder will first emerge in ninety out of one hundred cases.

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the larger proportion of fatal cases, death is owing to failure of the

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if applied in like measure to girls. This forms, in practice, one grave objec-

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obstetric complications of pregnancy cited above after

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•John A. Hardt, M.D., Faeger. W. Va., to Miss Virginia T.

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Fort St. Michael, Alaska, to relieve First Lieutenant William H.

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light touch in the medial 3Jz2 fingers, corresponding

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following circular, and asked for Dr. Reilly that the mem-

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ossified ; but this is very rare, and, so far as I know, never occa-

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Anatomy. — The skin covering the swellings of quarter-ill

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hernia. He was operated on for the radical cure on July 29.

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were diagnosed as soon as suppuration set in. The abscess was