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Gofraan: Right, right, right. It was even worse in Utah

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with Dr. Praeger, as these wounds are made with septic instruments through

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because they become, from the nature of their functions, so

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gitis in the Northern Army and States. The earliest records of the late epidemic are

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■Hamburger, R.: Deutsch. med. Wchnschr., 1914, xl, 769.

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next year we meet at Sun Valley, Idaho. The National

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Dr. Gay cut down on to the deformity, but failed to reduce it.

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of the very old but most valuable remedial measures that have been per-

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phlegmons and diffuse suppurations of serous cavities, but

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did not cut that artery. I have seen the hemorrhage so profuse

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deformed cicatrices ; deformities about the mouth, eyelids, nostrils, have

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gress," by F. X. Dercum, of Philadelphia, Pa.; "The

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of concentrated sulphuric acid to a pint or more of sweetened de-

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advanced in the degree and the immediateness of its

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flush it out with the Lysol solution, as recommended under

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case are— First, that she has learnt to write, holding her pen

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side of chest, with moist rales. The stump is somewhat

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alba. Such an incision is desirable, as it gives ready access

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public library of the city, are a valuable adjunct of in-

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conjunctiva being like those of a newborn child. The

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pernicious sjTiiptoms will depend upon whether the parasite is

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research, and service. These are the three functions

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series of s3rmptoms, and the majority of such patients finally die of