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Toxins; another new section on the use of the stomach

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with his finger upon the prominent coronoid processes. After

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the idea embodied is the abolition of the word asylum,

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perturbed condition of the nervous system, and thus shut

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been some slight reaction brought on during the night by the free use of

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In the vast majority of cases water-borne typhoid is contracted

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The delay at the vulva is often further increased by intense

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epidemic, while vaccinia is never epidemic and never contagious (Bousquet, Hervieux) ;

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lege Association, and the papers then presented turned upon the

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advantages if it be employed for internal tuberculosis.

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young lady, who was soon to be married, and who had

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Symptoms. — The eruption of the vesiclos is the first symptom to at-

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tion of fat quite similar to that of the normal liver, ranging in

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within the last year in this city. Since May last there

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walking on the toes, are good exercises. The last is useful also in

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cles involved. The muscles affected in the cases reported were

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sumed that suppuration takes place, or is pretty well

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Bayley, Guy Carleton, Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co. Original.

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After the author, by revising a statement here, retract-

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In other words, did the cirrhosis of the liver result in an increase of

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fold him if he can see light, and to turn him round several times

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was passed ; soon the muscles of the chest began to act more

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means of recalling or acquiring knowledge it can never be sufficiently

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ently devised apparatus. A modification of hanging, pro-

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and the course of the pregnancy was uninterrupted and

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ness thrust upon them," said Shakespeare. It might be added, " and

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from the arterial wall. They are carried along the course of the arterial

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ration of two or three days more he called upon me to say that

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results, in certain cases, from the x-ray treatment, and I am con-

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to be tried at Ijuarter-Sessions and sentenced to twelve months'

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ture may remain at 40° C. for the first few days, the leuco-»

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from the points where the scissors have been used in the