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monary artery, destined to convey to them venous blood for
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but differing essentially in the cause. This difference in the cause
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nection we have to remember that much of the working of these glands
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In shut-in courts In town, is a conundrum, — particu-
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ago as 1892, compels all graduates in medicine who desire regis-
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even slight pain and tenderness should receive careful consideration.
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of those parts of the world to which the ships are sailing where the
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me to try the rays in such cases of Morbus Basedowi, which
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cally in recent years . 1 Some investigators have theorized that
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perience as an editor of a scientific paper he had been
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2 pi.— Hansen (H. F.) Morbid growths of the iris and
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Cunningham reported a case of typhoid fever which was freely
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this position becomes too fatiguing ; the head, bent
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has from the occurrence of jaundice sometimes in a considerable propor-
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indirect violence. Ann. Surg., St. Loliis, 1890, xii, 134.—
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however, was improved. Thorough treatment by currettement and
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Pyroligneous acid, creosote, muriatic and sulphuric
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must be classed among the large and increasing army
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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Graduate School
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congresses also serve to indicate to posterity the chief directions of
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after marriage she suffered greatly from dysmenorrhoea ;
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lire result of the argument was that the Court reserved its judgment- bu
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maintain continued binocular vision, but can obtain
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considered an exorbitant price for a simple operation. Although we made
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<Rassegnamed., Bologna, v. 13 (7), pp. 1-8. [W™.]
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lesion exists in the posterior part of the third frontal convolution, so long as
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canal is about one and a quarter inches long. This measurement is
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advised enucleation, and ordered a solution of atropine
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with some disease already named, I must confess that my efforts have been rewarded by no
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Committees: (left to right) Dr. J. E. Martin, Jr., Delavan;
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remember that, in spite of the sore on his finger, the
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the minds of his critics. " Even if we did favor a restriction
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or condition, neoplasm, etc., that might contraindi-
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If the rectum be full of faeces obscuring diagnosis an enema is necessary.
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cases of venereal ulcers, to which I have just alluded.
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the last two months he has been unable to lie down, was
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The above results are worthy of serious attention, and serve, unfortu-
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tion. Having mastered these principles you will find
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6j cififided 1 u'rr.i7id l/u fc&nd f cuc/l VUl tkcemlb ItflPCuIcdtd. amA,
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ter while on their maiden cruise in search of fame and treas-
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pertrophy of the left auricle and right ventricle. The
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cerebrospinal meningitis occur in the years 1872, 1888,
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