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Grippe. — Dr. T. states that in this disease, which bears a

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Obstructed nasal respiration, constant, often abundant, discharge of mucus

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by proxy, and tliat the plan will be devised and the means provided on

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port of cases and deaths from contagious diseases re-

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down to sixty or even lower. In one of the cases cited,

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inflammatory diseases, and especially in pneumonia, and did not meet with one who had

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tions. Last year at the meeting of the German Medical Congress Dr.

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Postscript. — A laparotomy was performed by Mr. Eagge, who found

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troubles. Dr. William R. Woodbury, of Boston, Mass., is the

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ing of the patient make it onerous for an attendant to carry out methods

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after a few weeks or at most a few months. It is, therefore, neces-

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After the termination of the paroxysm, the swelling does not disap-

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up to the '400 cc. mark. The mixture is then shaken, and after cooling, brought exactly

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fossa became more marked, until finally the intestinal

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are. The facility of getting into the bladder by any kind of a filiform

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Fair. Medical exhibit-* :it the World's Fair, 98; the State Board of

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Sharpe, F. A., Greensboro, Univ. of Pa., 1916 1916 1920

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ultimately inflammation of the kidneys. It is seen occasionally in

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he perceived the symptoms of life, and opening the breast, saw the

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injiu-y to the joints — and accordingly, to refrain from any exami-

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not to start treatment that may be barely beneficial or

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be employed to purify, while it lubricates, the catheter. But I believe that

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chlorides of the urine neutralizing the excess of chlorides.

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ciding whether contractions thus produced are reflex or

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lower part of the femur. Their general history corresponds

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Bromwich, Alfred Willett, F.R.C.S., of 3-i, Wimpole-street. Cavendish-

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personal quarrels or histories you may have heard by acci-

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acid was combined with twice as much of the available base as was

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observed other concretions, composed of sfearine and margarine,

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indicated. The method of operation will depend upon

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Yet circumstances do sometimes arise, even now, in which it may

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hoped that all clinical laboratory personnel reading the

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secreting vessels, and from which short straight filaments pro-