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Dr. A. Haig : * Brit. Med. Jour.,' 1894, vol. i ; * Practitioner,' January,
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the nutrition of living matter; it must first lose its vitality. The
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The complex of symptoms which is characteristic of crus lesion is an
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Dr. William T. Ord. of London, thought that robust,
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appeared a paper on " malarial pneumonia'' by Otis Frederick
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Pellagra in Spartan Mnxs in Each Year to Aug. 1, 1916
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derness upon pressure, either in the epigastrium or abdomen. The ap-
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Cash II. — Geo. M. — Age 32; American; married; family history excellent; has
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bacillus w^as thoroughly mixed with 10 c.c. physiological salt
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Adjourned to meet at the hoflse of S. B. Campion, Mount Holly, on
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consistence, with a little ghee, or simple ointment,
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capable of spreading the disease. It is, however, very resistant,
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tinuous, is not so ; it has a distinctly remittent type. For the first
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