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persons sick with diphtheria must not leave the apart-

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in the Bern clinic they are used exclusively for this purpose. With the

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Superfine flour bread, as has been stated above, is not a

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three years, the sheep seemingly suffering no inconvenience;

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a dead body twenty degrees in an air bath ? I suspect many hours. Hot

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patient bringing up in a very ^ort time half-a-pint, a pint, or even a

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vehemently shaken. And, if he did not become great, he became

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less to the animal inoculated, and yet protects the animal against the

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in one case my assistant tore a sponge in two. That

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middle age — as subacute or chronic gout. The tendency at

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tributed a paper on " The therapeutic value of ergot," in which

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was brought before the medical profession of Great Kritain on

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citation of gifts from Wisconsin corporations to aid

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thetic care or craving for sympathy, and lastly, and of

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surgery, together with organic and infectious diseases,

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uniformity of mediocrity, and vie with the principles of military

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tain extent benefically influenced by their administration. The

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early in life, and that for more than thirty years I have tried to be a

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without causing further trouble. His pain had been caused, no

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115. — Owen (F. J.) Notes of a case of poisoning by eu-

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are close-set, and not unfrequently run more or less tc^ether, so as some-

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mit to hypodermic treatment, and unless the time of

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nounced hysterical and neurasthenic symptoms, with all the accom-

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needles, which fell off when the needles were withdrawn. In