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on the organ itself and on the surrounding viscera — it was

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He was fifteen years of age, and was very much under size. His mother

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venient. It is a good plan, the moment the loop is seen to

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stomachs, by means of which they can be distinguished from

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with the four beats occurring after the short intermissions, where one

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Methyl Acetyl-salicylate.— Huchard and Ambard ♦ have

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remarkable absence of abnormal symptoms during pregnancy, to the extreme

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should the doses of any one remedy be administered regularly

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" Lying-in Department " in connection, presided over by a

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affections formerly embraced under the name croup is attended with danger,

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After detailing the above statistics, he comes to the follow-

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probably the fact, in certain instances. But I am disposed to agree

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Aspergillus, are also a major concern. They are less common

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The dose may be increased if necessary. Do not take this

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Frank D. Bain, Kenton ; Brooks F. Beebe, Cincinnati ; T. W.

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will be uninjured. This is all that the profession has' asked.

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f Oertel, Ziemssen's " Cyclopaedia," vol. i, whom we have chiefly followed in this

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that neither the quantity of urea, nor that of carbonic acid, is nearly so great

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added the extract of foetal pigs, the fluid being filtered through a Pasteur

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very important. The great reason the Council placed it in

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will be free. At each session papers on subjects per-

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* We are indebted to the politeness of the editor of the Port Folio, for

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malaria, the administration of quinin was not followed in a single

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set. 23, and met with the injury in April 1889. On December 4,

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grains ; syrup, sufficient to make thirty ^ years of the occupation of Algeria by the

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Art. 4. — On Scurvy Complicating Traumatic Lesions.