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previously visible. The ground substance of the ten-
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ten years I have practised Holt's method, and with. great success, so that I feel
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ment seen in the more slowly formed tubercles of Cut
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any complication supervening is remote. On the main-
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the lower parts of the lungs, because bronchitis is most
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all subsequent biographers), states, that when a stu-
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was covered with blood and mucus, and the child's napkin was
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body, where the poison has been carried by the child's fin-
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ed parts is generally extremely sensible, it would be advisable to premise
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first three days. The diseased areas are dabbed with absolute alcohol and
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few trials, control the involuntary contractions of the
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as the main evil, and their evacuation as the chief indication of
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obtained by the decomposition of a cyanide ; generally, by distilling
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ruary 29th. During the latter part of this time he gained flesh and
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differentiation no method has yet been developed that is as satisfactory,
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found, certainly no trace of anything approaching a fibrinous mass. Under
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Klin. Monatsbl. f. Angenh., Stuttg., 1889, xxvii, 214-217.—
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Association, says in his address, that the infant on the
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lent organisms were often present in the urine of patients
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eyes been restored to sight, but the scales have been taken off the
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sarily greatly aggravated, and the probabihty of an early fatal issue is
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the cranium through the carotid canals, enters the sockets of the
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maculosus, the causes and nature of which are not yet clearly
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utter ridiculousness of many of the deductions drawn by our statisticians.
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tive changes, indicated by diminished vitality. For
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sent gigantic work he promises to investigate the second great race
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ontogenetic development of the limb muscles in the mammalian. It is prob-
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segmented. Tliorax wide ; pronotum often with ctenidia. Abdomen
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The disinfection of the large amounts of sputum such as that col-
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infirmary with a fractured thigh. Being worn out with
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bers of the prof ession who send us inform.ation of matters of interest
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however asymmetrical and the development had been more rapid
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make very satisfactory analyses of the gastric con-
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absorbed by the surface layers of the skin, but if of higher
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reasonably good family history, and of an attained age supposedly removing
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satisfactory results of their labours. In a very short
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said to be most common in North Germany and England^
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Quinlan, Francis J., 33 W. 38th St., New York, New York Co.
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Bilateral Ossiflcatlon of the Tendo Aohlllis and Plantar
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and drink ; the natural and imperious reflex cough being diminished, in
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frequently not attended to is the avoidance of all unnecessary bed ^
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mation becomes purulent and sometimes there is involvment of the
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ject with a single quotation from a well-known medical writer;
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as nearly as the perinaeum will allow, in the line of the superior strait,
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part. 3. As a desiccant. In reducing the vascularity of congested